Pineapple Agarbatti

This amazingly fresh and exciting new fruity Pineapple fragrant Incense sticks are going to blow your minds and liven your spirits.

Mango Agarbatti

Mango Agarbatti is the new fruity addition to our incense family with sweet and savory fragrance which is bound to soothe your mind and calm your senses

Dhoop Cones

We have brought all your favourite incense fragrances in dhoop cones. 

Rose Agarbatti

This alluring fragrance has symbolized love since the ancient ages. It has an immediate healing effect on depression, anxiety and stress, calming all our senses. Alight this incense to offer unconditional love to the Divine, to every one, to every situation and finally to one's own higher self.

Sandalwood Agarbatti

Sandalwood is a classic fragrance which perfumes the air and helps in relaxing your mind and soul. A passive fragrance which exudes a feel of steadiness and strength and brings you closer to your true self.

Lavendar Agarbatti

A delightfully gentle scent that soothes and freshens your surroundings and rejuvenates your heart, soul and your body with great vigor and energy. This aroma relaxes your mind and helps in relieving stress. A must have fragrance to lift up your spirits.

Mogra Agarbatti

Mogra's mesmerising fragrance has long since captured the heart and soul of many. Yunay Agarbatti's "Mogra" Incenses manages to do that. Mogra agarbatti's fragrance will open your mind and heart to a new possibility and awaken the curiosity in you.

2in1 Agarbatti

2in1 Agarbatti offered by our Yunay Agarbatti is a unique product unlike our other incense sticks. 2in1 agarbatti offers two exciting and unique fragrant incenses to suit the taste of one and all. Our 2in1 agarbatti is infused with a sweet and lovely aroma as well as a refreshing and invigorating scent.

Ganan Agarbatti

Yunay Agarbatti's Ganan Agarbatti is a special variant of our incenses which comes with all new fragrances in a larger and value for money packaging. Ganan Agarbatti package has two unique fragrances that are rich and versatile. Ganan agarbatti is a perfect monthly pack of incenses for the spiritual ones.

Our floral ranges

We also offer other floral agarbatti fragrances in the form of Arabian Jasmine/Mogra, Water Lily,  with many more exciting aromatic incenses to be added soon.

Other delightful agarbattis

We offer a lot of exciting incense stick variants which comes bundled in exciting packs of 3in1, Shubh, Asha with unique and breathtaking aromas.

Want more?

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