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Yunay Agarbatti against Coronavirus and for the Nation

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Times are tough! But we are tougher and stronger than Coronavirus !

We at Yunay Agarbatti salute #CoronaWarriors who is doing their duty towards each other and the society; by staying at home,. We shall overcome this pandemic scenario soon and our thoughts are with everyone during these appalling times.
During this period, Yunay Agarbatti  had distributed soaps, bottles and masks to all our workers and donated 500 kg rice to their families. We also contributed a sum of INR 50Lakhs to #PMcares fund and INR 50Lakhs to #AssamArogyaNIdhi.

We appreciate all the Indians standing together irrespective of caste, creed or religion, and thus we will definitely win over Coronavirus.

Please join hands in contributing and helping the needy in this hour of need.

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Inauguration of new Incense making machines!

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Yunay Agarbatti has been striving to establish itself successfully and is growing eversince it started this journey of manufacturing some of the finest incense sticks. Recently, the Founder Mr. Sudhir Gupta and Master Yunay; celebrated the inauguration of 3 new ‘Agarbatti making machines’ with the Yunay Agarbatti family in the factory.

We thank everyone for their support and well wishes for making Yunay Agarbatti a bigger and better name day by day.





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Yunay Agarbatti in SiliconIndia Magazine

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Success shared is success enjoyed! And when the success comes as a mention in the SiliconIndia Magazine the moment becomes huge and ecstatic. We at Yunay Agarbatti are enthralled to share ‘Yunay Agarbatti’ article being published in the ‘SiliconIndia Magazine’ February 2020 edition. Our Founder, Mr. Sudhir Gupta has been acknowledged for his efforts and achievement in the category of Top 10 promising Agarbatti manufacturers 2020 in India.




We also take immense pride in sharing that Yunay Agarbatti is certified for its achievements by the Magazine itself, on PAN India level.


Yunay Agarbatti wishes to extend a very warm and humble gratitude to everyone for their well wishes and blessings.


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Yunay Agarbatti Now in Vishal Mega Mart

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Yunay Agarbatti is already gaining massive support and loved by lakhs of consumers across the North-eastern states for our consistent quality and mesmerising and refreshing fragrances. Owing to such overwhelming response and great demands both regional and across India on Amazon’s selling platform, we have partnered with Vishal Mega Mart to bring our beautiful incenses to every household across the country.

Yunay Agarbatti is now officially available in all Vishal Mega Mart’s stores located in Northern and Eastern India. So, go to any Vishal Mega Mart and grab an fragrantful incense pack of Yunay Agarbatti.

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Shubh Agarbatti – Redefining incense

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Our much anticipated Yunay Agarbatti’s Shubh Agarbatti is finally out and is being successfully sold in all stores across the state of Assam as well as online through Amazon. This new addition of agarbatti comes with three exciting fragrances which are bound to suit your taste and fill your surrounding with not one but three unique captivating aromas. Or new Shubh Agarbatti is your answer to an economical yet premium incense stick which also saves you from the hassle of buying incense sticks every now and then.

We have been overwhelmed by the postive response and enthusiasm shown by our buyers, and owing to such response from our devoted customers we have decided to return the favor by adding a small gift inside every box of Shubh Agarbatti purchased. We thank you all for your trust and support in us.

Yunay Agarbatti in a new packaging

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Yunay Agarbatti's Incense are now being offered in a different, convenient, economical and reusable Jar packaging. Check it out -

Sandalwood Agarbatti Jar

Gulab Agarbatti Jar
Rose Agarbatti Jar

Mogra Agarbatti Jar

Lavendar Agarbatti Jar

Your favourite agarbatti are now available in a convenient packaging which will last you for months at an extremely affordable price. The jar variant of Yunay Agarbatti is offered for our three floral variants Rose Agarbatti, Lavendar Agarbatti, Mogra Agarbatti as well as for our Sandalwood Agarbatti variant much to our consumers delight. Our new Jar agarbatti packaging is being offered locally as well as through our online Amazon store.

Be sure to connect with Yunay Agarbatti's facebook page or follow us on twitter for updates, suggestions and more.


Ganan Agarbatti – in Stores Now

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Yunay Agarbatti's Ganan Agarbatti

We are here with yet another agarbatti launch announcement as one might have already guessed from the title itself. Ganan Agarbatti by Yunay Agarbatti is one of the two unique agarbattis (Ganan Agarbatti and Shubh Agarbatti) which we have been working on for our customers with a need for a more convenient and affordable incense. Our ganan agarbatti tries to cater that by offering a monthly package for more convenience with a very affordable price tag. Ganan agarbatti is being offered to consumers for an economic price of INR 25 only. Our Ganan Incense package is 10% more cheaper than any other reputed brand out their as we provide 10% more at the same price in a packaging which helps in retaining in fragrance for a long time. This agarbatti addition isn’t simply about being economical, it also offers two harmonious and unique fragrances from Yunay Agarbatti which are pleasing and refreshing in every sense. Furthermore,  we are offering our Ganan Agarbatti to our devoted North-Eastern states consumers only. It doesn’t mean we are ignoring our all India customers, on the contrary, Ganan Agarbatti will soon be available as a freebie for our devoted customers on Amazon in the near future. So, be sure to check Yunay Agarbatti facebook page for quick updates.

Mogra and 2in1 agarbatti in stores now

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Greetings everyone!

As we have mentioned in our earlier posts, the two much awaited variants of our premium segment are finally here. Mogra agarbatti as well as 2in1 agarbatti are now available in stores across Guwahati as well as online on Amazon, here’s the links for Mogra and 2in1. Our regional customers can buy from nearby stores and those willing to be our agarbatti distributors or resellers can get in touch through our business whatsapp number or reach us through our registered mail. Plus, we have a few more exciting announcements to make in the coming days regarding our Yunay Agarbatti. Stay connected through our facebook page for instant updates on our new agarbatti variants as well as exciting offers.

2in1 incense
2in1 agarbatti
incense mogra
mogra agarbatti

2in1 Agarbatti

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2in1 incense
2in1 agrabatti
2in1 Agarbathi sticks

As we had suggested in our earlier post, the other fragrant due for launch this June is by the name of 2in1 under our Yunay Agarbatti brand. As the name suggests, our 2in1 agarbatti packaging contains two exciting fragrance in a single well-crafted packaging. The two new delightful fragrances in our new incense stick is bound to blow your minds. One of them is packed with a powerful and colourful fragrance and is full of vitality that has been crafted after much research which is bound to keep you energetic and inspired. Our other fragrant incense stick spreads a sweet and mellow fragrance thereby soothing and relaxing you body and mind.

All Guwahati folks can get their hands on this new fragrant agarbatti from starting of next month, and those loyal customers spread elsewhere keep checking our amazon page regularly. Also for more recent updates do visit our facebook page.

Mogra Agarbatti

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jasmine incense stick and agarbatti


mogra incense in june
Mogra Incense Stick

After a couple of months of dedication and research, we are pleased to announce the official launch of Yunay brand’s Mogra scented agarbatti at the beginning of next month i.e. June 2018. The new Mogra/Arabian Jasmine agrabatti will be available at local stores as well as can be purchased online via amazon portal.

Our Mogra scented incenses are unlike any other that has hit the market. It is what can be referred to as a fragrance that is one with the nature. We have tried our utmost to bring the authentic fragrance of mogra flower to your homes.

Keep checking the stores regularly to be the first ones to get hands on the all new delightfully scented premium Mogra Incense. Also, we will be launching another scented incense stick in exciting fragrances at the same time as we had suggested in our previous post.

Interested buyers or those with suggestion, feel free to get in touch.